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9 Advantages of Tap & Go Flooring Technology

9 Advantages of Tap&Go Flooring Technology
Arches Trading Co.

1. Trusted quality material
The distinctive design of “TAP & GO” structure and the installation by the vertical force only can be achieved by high-quality HDF or semi-finish material. Only use high quality raw materials, excellent technology and advanced equipment, we sell high-quality HDF or ply board, and fundamentally guarantee the high quality of the floor.

 2. Reliable eco-friendly
The flooring with “TAP & GO” locking system has high requirement on the raw material such as HDF, ply board and glue etc. The formaldehyde emission rate of the high quality materials is far below that of normal or low quality, thereby ensuring environmental friendly floor.

3. Tangibly stronger lock
Elasticity groove: The special thin groove in the UP HOOK of the TAP & GO locking design is the key why the UP HOOK and LOW HOOK align and lock perfectly. The elasticity groove is an achievement of Nano technology, which enables the hook shrink and expands with good elasticity. The design of elasticity groove in the UP HOOK applies the elasticity deformation theory which is base on intrinsical characteristic of HDF or plyboard. The application principles of the TAP & GO locking technology makes planks truly firmly locked together.
4-side lock: The elasticity groove design is applied in both long and short end sides. TAP&GO’s special 4 sides' Locking technology ensures the installed floors hard to dispart after installation while other locking floorings are easily apart from short ends.

4) More stable flooring
Features of special design, "Vertical-insertion" principle and the high precise machining of TAP & GO locking system requires high stability standard upon all kinds of technical data of the of HDF or semi-finish material, such as raw material, techniques, facilities and dimension. Because of that, TAP&GO locking system flooring are more stable and has better adaptability for the environment.

5) Longer life flooring
Because of the special structure of elasticity groove, raw materials or semi-finish material in low or middle quality level can not be profiled into TAP&GO click flooring. In addition, the production procedure and profiling machinery should be more advanced. Therewith it decides the long lifetime, high durability and better guarantee of flooring with TAP&GO locking system.

6) Significant cost saving
Comparing with traditional click system, TAP&GO is much easier in installation with less labor, tools and supplementary material.
Moreover, TAP&GO locking system solid wood flooring, wood engineered flooring, solid bamboo and solid strand woven bamboo flooring can be uninstalled and re-used for many times, which significantly saves forest resources and protects environment, showing super economization.

7) Personalized effects achievable
The innovative "Vertical-insertion" principle of TAP&GO locking system, which is different from that of traditional “Angle-inserting” design, lets the concept of catercorner installation come true. Following the catercorner installation, consumers could install flooring according to their own preference, which makes the floor’s appearance more elegant and beautiful.

8) Easier & faster installation
Easy installation of panels determines the efficiency in installation, and also becomes a key reason why end-users can enjoy great DIY pleasure. Most of consumers are hard to get DIY pleasure due to the complicate installation of traditional locking system. TAP & GO locking technology applies a new installation concept, i.e., vertical insertion, making full use of the theory of ergonomic, making installation easier to adapt to the human psychology and physiology, and making complicated installation procedures much simpler. Installation can be finished by only one person independently,
The flooring with TAP & GO locking system is much easier and more convenient for installation in rooms of irregular shapes.

9) Trouble-free replacement
When there is one piece of floor in the middle area is broken, Tap & Go offer you an easier way to replace a new one. After fetching out the broken one by special equipment, you just need to saw off the two short-sides groove of the new one and put it vertically down without glue. The left two long-sides of groove can also lock the floor with others firmly because Tap & Go is with a 4-side locking system.

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